About Synergy5280

Here is an Overview of my services.

I have been in Digital marketing for 2 decades. My primary experience has been in CRM, Email, SMS and Cross-channel marketing, especially content strategy. On the Digital Marketing / Agency side, I have been a Lead Account Manager for several Fortune 500 companies where I built teams and managed Full Service Campaign Management, Professional Services, Email Deliverability, and Account Management. Many of the early blog posts are from when I was managing the Digital (Email mostly) Operations Team at Teradata.

Colleen KazemiAs my role has continuously evolved, I was often utilized as a key member of senior management teams in the identification and replication of global operational performance enhancements including email marketing best practices, sales strategy, content strategy, customer engagement models, and staffing and production best-practices. In many cases I was directly involved in identifying potential partner or acquisition targets to enhance our Services or Product suite and then integrating those companies into our service offering.

In early 2013, I Co-founded Pure Cultures, a Probiotics Manufacturing company with my husband (where he is the CEO/primary lead), and became entrenched in the Denver/Boulder Investor and Entrepreneurial startup community. I have been connecting with Investors and Entrepreneurs and have participated in 100’s of new concept pitches. I serve as an Entrepreneur Mentor for MergeLaneThe Impact Angel Group, Unreasonable Institute, Boomtown, and Denver and Boulder Startup Week.